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Sri Lanka Insurance

Sri Lanka Insurance

Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation, the largest state-owned insurer in Sri Lanka anchored to a pioneering legacy of financial stability and trust spanning over five decades.

Established in 1962 as a state-owned corporation and the pioneer insurer in the country, Sri Lanka Insurance today manages an asset base of over LKR 268 billion which is the largest in the industry, the largest life insurance fund in the local insurance industry amounting in excess of LKR 152.5 billion, and a LKR 6 billion strong capitalization, making us one of the most secure and reliable insurance solutions providers in the country.

The reputation of trust is founded upon a highly skilled and seasoned team of insurance experts manning a network of 158 branches across Sri Lanka, utilizing a rich and perfected technical knowledge base that is unrivaled to date in Sri Lanka. Over the decades, Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation progressed from strength to strength with diversified interests and investments across many key industries such as banking & finance, healthcare, power & energy, travel & leisure as well as construction & engineering.

Imbued a culture of financial independence in Sri Lanka, as successfully continue the journey towards achieving the company’s overarching vision to be the trusted insurer to the nation.

Contact Information

Head Office: Rakshana Mandiraya, No. 21, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.

Contact/ Hotline Number: 0112 357 357/ 0117 357 357/ 0115 357 357/ 0114 357 357

Email: email@srilankainsurance.com