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Group Life Insurance Through InsureMe

What is Group Life Insurance?

Advantages of having a group life insurance plan


Short Term Cover

When compared to individual life insurance policies which are on a long term and paid by the individual, group insurance policies offer short term cover with premium often than not, paid by the employer.

No need of medical history

When getting a group policy, past and present medical records of employees may be waived off by the insurer resulting in any premium increase for an adverse health condition being avoided. However, this service may be limited to a certain amount of coverage.

A simple claim settlement procedure

A group life insurance policy's claim settlement process is usually quick. Commences no sooner the employee or their beneficiaries submit the necessary documentation.


High employee retention

Employers can reduce employee turnover while increasing employee retention and loyalty by offering the protection of a group life insurance policy as an incentive.

Low premiums

Employers are responsible for paying the premiums on this type of life insurance policy. As terms are obtained as a group instead of as on individual basis attractive discounts could be negotiated.

Employees have high morale

A life insurance policy provides employees with security and peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their work.

How does group life insurance work?

Why should I select InsureMe for my Group Life Insurance Policy?

  • You can compare and select the most suitable and affordable life insurance policy for your employees.
  • A dedicated InsureMe expert will be there to advise you every step of the way.
  • InsureMe has a claims team that is always ready to help in any situation.

The goal of a group life insurance policy is to provide financial security to employees and their families and give them peace of mind knowing that their families will be taken care of in case of their untimely death.

Don’t wait to show your employees that you care for their well being; get the best group life insurance policy through InsureMe today!