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Medical Insurance for Employees

Employee loyalty relies upon many things; it is in how you treat your employees and in what you will provide them that other organizations will not. In short, it is when you show your employees that you care for their well-being, that they will in turn care for your business. Insurance for your employees, their families, and dependents is one way to show your employees how much you care for them and a means by which to encourage them to stay with your company. With the high cost of medical care these days, insurance can not only help your staff during emergency healthcare situations, but also protect your team from the stress of rising expenses due to medical emergencies.

Why getting health insurance for your employees is important

Corporate healthcare insurance is extremely beneficial for both the employer and the employee. Healthcare insurance can be equated in importance to monetary compensation, since proper medical facilities can be very costly. Hence, a group insurance policy could be the driving force behind a happy and satisfied workforce.

Most developed countries consider healthcare insurance benefits to be more important than financial compensation and this trend is gradually becoming commonplace in countries like Sri Lanka as well.

The benefits of corporate medical insurance for the EMPLOYEE

Keeps your workforce healthy

With the cost of medical expenses being looked after by the insurance, employees will be more likely to keep themselves healthy with regular checkups etc.

Employees are happy

The employees are happy because they know that their employer cares for their well-being. They will also be happy that they have a means by which to provide the best medical care for their families.

Saves money

Employees are able to save their hard earned money because they won’t have to spend out of pocket for medical expenses.

It is easy and convenient

Finding a good insurance policy is not easy, and most insurers offer far better benefits when it is a corporate insurance. Employees won’t need to stress themselves about getting a policy on their own.

The benefits of corporate medical insurance for the EMPLOYER

Increases retention

Employees are more likely to stay with a company that provides attractive benefits such as healthcare insurance that covers both them and their families.

Enhances employee gratification

Employees today place a higher value on and are more positive about their work and loyalty towards a company when an employer provides benefits such as these, as opposed to companies that just pay a salary.

Can be used as a recruiting tool

Companies are able to attract high end, top qualified talent into their organisation when they offer additional benefits such as medical or health insurance.

Reduces absenteeism

Healthy employees are productive employees, and they are less likely to miss work by falling ill or sustaining injuries.

How to select the best corporate medical insurance policy

Choosing and negotiating a healthcare insurance policy that caters to the specific demands and needs of your employees is very important. When choosing a good policy, there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration.

Select a policy that offers the best benefits for your budget.

Not all health insurance plans are the same. When considering your options, always look for a scheme that offers the most benefits for your budgeted cost. Key areas to look for are total limits, sub limits, room rates, hospitals covered, flexibility for medical tests, maternity coverage, coverage for COVID 19 Epidemics or Pandemics, cover restrictions for pre-existing medical conditions and more importantly, the claims procedures.

When you choose to look for a suitable health insurance policy through InsureMe we can help you by comparing the benefits and prices of different insurance schemes offered by different insurers.

Easy, tech-enabled facilities for making claims

It is important that the claims process offered by the insurer is hassle free, and does not require mountains of documentation and red tape. Some insurance Companies offer extremely flexible processes than others, while some even offer tech-enabled, convenient methods for processing claims.

When it comes to tech-savvy processes, InsureMe is at the forefront! We developed Sri Lanka’s first Mobile App that helps you manage medical claims without any hassle and which is already used by many employees belonging to prominent corporations in the country.

Clear and concise communication on the details of the policy.

Insurance can be quite complicated and difficult to understand, hence simply sharing a document will not help you to fully understand what your policy does and does not cover. When making an important decision such as this, especially one which requires a considerable investment on your part, it is important that you go with an insurer who provides clear and concise details with regard to everything related to the policy you intend to take. Remember that you have the power to negotiate the finer details of the policy you are taking, so that your employees get the best possible medical cover around.


All policies do not cover the cost incurred for dental and vision treatment but could be included in the primary health policy at an additional premium negotiated with the insurers.

No, but a suitable insurance policy would be helpful in meeting the cost incurred in the recovery process of an employee following any accidental injuries or illness and expediting their return to work.